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Rental Management

Considering whether to use a rental management company, or handle the process on your own?

Ask yourself the following:
  • How familiar are you with the legal requirements?
  • Do you have the correct financial management systems in place?
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to these properties?
  • Do you have efficient and reliable maintenance resources in place when problems arise?
Mandating a professional property management company is an investment, and having the right service provider in place is a cost effective way to save you time and money when dealing with the stress and inherent risks involved in the rental process.



Upfront Fees
Charged upfront on a procurement & managed lease, calculated on value of lease.*
Refer to Commission Calculations


Professional representation and marketing of your property to the market. Accompanied viewing only.

Screening and credit vetting of tenants using trusted platforms. Risk of non-payment reduced, more efficient rent collection and reduced potential of legal disputes.

Formal and legal documentation that covers all the necessary requirements for renting your property.

In-going, and out-going property inspections using a cloud-based photographic recording platform. Disagreements over property condition and damage greatly reduced. The inspection does not include an inventory on fully furnished properties. This is to be supplied by the Landlord.

Monthly Management Fee
Charged from month two on a managed lease.


Efficient third party accounting system ensuring a professional paper trail and easy to read statements, protecting all parties and offering transparency.

Deposits are placed and managed in an independent audited interest bearing Trust Account; thus safeguarded until any potential disputes are resolved at the end of the rental term.

Dedicated "in house" property management service means quick and efficient response to maintenance problems and emergencies, plus benefit of preferential rates from our selected service providers.

Direct access to legal advice and list of recommended attorneys.



8% + VAT Upfront
Calculated on the value of the lease Rental amount (incl pro rata amounts) x Lease period x 8% + VAT

R10 000 rental x 12 month lease x 8% + VAT = R11 040 (Deducted upfront from the first and second months rental)


6% + VAT Monthly Management Fee
Charged on 11 months of a 12 month contract, effective from month 2 of the lease

R10 000 rental x 6% + VAT = R690 pm for 11 months

Renewal of
Managed Leases

Upfront Fee: 6% + VAT
On the value of all subsequent years renewals, deducted at the start of the renewal

Monthly Fee: 6% + VAT
Monthly fee remains in effect

Procurement Only

10% + VAT Upfront
Calculated on the value of the lease. Rental amount (incl pro rata amounts) x Lease period x 10% + VAT

R10 000 rental x 12 month lease x 10% + VAT = R13 800

Renewal of
Procurement Lease

8% + VAT on the value of all subsequent years renewals


TPN Credit Bureau Specializing in Property Rentals

TPN is the largest credit bureau in Africa specializing in the vetting of tenants for rental properties. Their systems help us to make better decisions on which tenants to place, thus reducing the risk of non payment. TPN also provides legal support.

Intelligent Property Management Software

A single system that is simple to use, seamless to integrate and completely consolidates all the essential management requirements. WeconnectU works to reduce late nights, stressful client reports, tenant complaints and other day-to-day challenges faced in the community and rental management industry.

Inspections & Maintenance Management Software for Property Professionals

Maintenance and Inspections management is a core part of any property management operation. RedRabbit's trusted platform, tools and professional team ensures excellent service and photographic records.

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